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Experience the difference of having a professional photographer work with your hunting images.

 Years ago, I was attending my 17th SCI convention when I was divinely inspired to start creating Safari Photo Books for big game hunters using their photos.  While the goal would be to create a lasting memory to be handed down to the next generation, it would also serve to show the non-hunting public that there is much more to hunting than meets the eye.  As one who has had the opportunity to take these fabulous trips abroad, I can tell your story from an insiders point of view.
All this came about long before the internet began offering cookie cutter photo books and I knew that I could show these photos in their very  best light.
I continue to be dedicated to these goals and invite you all to learn more about what we do.         Sandra Caddel Martin
Proud to be a member  of   Safari Club International
Dallas Safari Club
    SCIF Sables Donor
    SCI Master Measurer
    DSC Donor
    SCI Chapter Donor
    Weatherby Intl Donor

About our process:


  Typically, you would send a copy of ALL your images on a disk or flash drive.  (These will be returned to you.)  along with a payment for half of the cost of the size books you select.  Then I will do a brief phone interview to learn more about what you have in mind for your story.  After that I will spend several weeks producing the preliminary designs, using my technical expertise that I have acquired over 25 years as a professional photographer. I believe that each image should be able to stand on its own as a good, solid picture.  As an added bonus these images will be expertly ajusted for  brightness, color, sharpness and contrast.
























Artistically, I will edit your images for "visual impact". This comes from how they are arranged together on the page.  This process is designed to compel the viewer’s eye to be "fascinated".   Once done, I will put the designs on my website for your review.  This is where you do your tailoring if needed and add in any captions.   When you are satisfied and give your approval, the balance will be due.  Then my photo lab goes into action producing the finest quality matte prints.  Besides being experts at the printing process the matte paper they use will invite the viewer to “enter” the page as opposed to glancing over it.  This process is so dynamic that the books are meant to be looked at time and time again to even begin to see all that is there. 























Finally, the prints are permanently installed in handcrafted, leather bound covers.    We use them because of the top-notch quality meant to last for generations as well as there is no need to put the prints under plastic, which can only distort.


Contact us for our current price list.

Books Sizes



  2. 30– 10”x 10”pages-​​   

  3. 40– 10”x 10” pages-

  4. 50– 10”x 10” pages-

  5. 60– 10”x 10” pages-


  30 – 12”x 12” pages -  

  •     40 – 12”x 12” pages-

  •     50 – 12”x 12” pages-

  •     60 – 12”x 12” pages-

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