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Great trophy record shots----------------

                   Sandra Caddel Martin


Take lots of pictures of each kill---don’t rush it

·        remove or tilt back caps and hats

·        remove blood and replace tongue on all animals

·        camera should be at animals eye level-photographer should be kneeling LOW

·        hunter should not be close enough to touch animal

·        turn animal at an angle to camera –instead of all perpendicular shots

·        use a flash on some of the shots-especially in bright sun

·        remove tall grass in front of animal

·        add in some close-up shots and really wide shots

·        do not shoot directly into the sun to avoid lens flair

·        raise up cat’s head & shoulders; cover prop with mane;

     you can pull nose slightly toward hunter to reveal more mane

·        Spiral horns should not be tilted backwards or forwards to insure that the full length is shown

·        Crocs-prop open jaws with stick in REAR of the mouth

·        If possible, don’t get too close to the background

·        If your subject is taller than it is wide, turn you camera to vertical

·        digital camera should be set to produce at least a 1 ½ MB file----                   take along plenty of memory cards!  

·        Take along a back up camera and let someone else use it, too

·        For those dry, dusty areas, take along a brush or cloth designed to clean photographic lenses and use often.

·        Photograph lots of wildlife in general- -check out the new mega zoom cameras with stabilizers.

·        Take lots!!! Of small details (use the macro function on camera) of the whole trip!! –Rifle stocks, pelts, also anything with a vibrant COLOR or texture

  • And on a grand scale..Use the panaromic funtion on your digital camera .


  To help tell the story of your hunt----Also

Take lots!!! Of landscapes & vistas, sunrises & sunsets

     camp life



                     brush fires


                             African trees

           & exotic plants; birds--DAILY!!! 

Note: If you are going to use your smart phone for this very important part of your hunting memories-we recommend that you learn more about what all it can do and practice before you leave home.  


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